VÅGES, candelholder

VÅGES, candelholder

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Candelabro con morsetto da agganciare a mensole, ripiani o tavoli

Great design for this cute candelholder, easy to attach to a shelf, table top or window sill.

The base comes with an interchangeable candle holder for crown candles. 


Size: 37 cm

Color: black

Weight 0,5 kg





Våges journey began with their grandfather Carl Samuelsson, born in 1854. Carl started to forge in 1875 at a cottage in Gisslamåla in Småland, and he became renowned for his work. In the little smithy, everything from drills to sleighs were crafted. His speciality became forging scythes using a special hardening process that he had learnt as an apprentice. Through his unique stamp, CP Samuelsson, it is yet to this day possible to recognise his work.

Generation after generation, Våges is still totally a family company . Their goal is to convey the thoughts and ideas of previous generations by designing and creating beautiful ingenious products with identity.
Based in Sweden.