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NOKO, scented candle PAER

NOKO, scented candle PAER

€ 35,00Price

Scented candle

Candela profumata

PEAR, pear.

Fruity but not sweet. A refreshing and balanced fragrance with deep and elegant woody notes. This candle is handmade in the Stockholm archipelago, with soy wax and is mixed with scented oils. Fresh pear, sage leaf and cedar wood, the notes for your autumn evenings.

For better candle´s care, cut the wick before each use.

Duration: about 60 hours

The bottle may become hot during use. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep the candle out of the reach of children and pets.



Noko is an acronym: Nono and Koda are the names of two puppies (human and not human) of Anna and Rickard, minds and hands of this small family-run company in the Stockholm archipelago. The candles are handmade with soy wax and natural scented oils.

Based in Sweden.

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