MUURLA, Chop & Serve Morning Dawn

MUURLA, Chop & Serve Morning Dawn

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Serving/ Cutting board


Double face

With the Chop & Serve serving / cutting boards, you can take care of both food preparation and serving just by turning the board. The surfaces of the Chop & Serve serving / cutting board have the same pattern in two different colors, so you can choose the appropriate shade according to the table setting of the day.

Pattern designer Niina Aalto describes the Dawn patterns as follows: “Dawn describes the atmosphere of the little moment when the night turns into morning. The layeredness and painting of the pattern bring vitality to the graphic and abstract patterns, and you can also see influences from traditional crafts. As a designer, I always want my patterns to be playful and cheerful: Dawn is hand-painted, which brings a piece of my own personality to the patterns. My goal has been to create a timeless, versatile and transformative pattern from which the viewer can create their own interpretation. ”

All Chop & Serve serving / cutting boards in Finland are handmade from domestic birch veneer. Chop & Serve serving / cutting boards are machine washable and thanks to their optimized surface hardness, the serving boards are resistant to cutting, but are still gentle on your knives.

Size 25 x 32 cm. 

Handmade in Finland from Finnish birch veneer. Food safe, dishwasher safe.




Muurla's roots lie in Finnish glass manufacturing and design, which still form the basis of everything they do. They strive to create beautiful and functional items that bring joy to people’s lives. Their products are born by combining Finnish design, high-quality materials and over forty decades of experience in production. The products are designed for the everyday life moments, easy to use, durable and timeless.

Based in Finland

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