LIGHT MY FIRE, snapbox Oval 2 pack Green&Pink

LIGHT MY FIRE, snapbox Oval 2 pack Green&Pink

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Small boxes oval for food: 2 pieces, 1 green & 1 pink

Set di 2 piccoli contenitori ovali adatti agli alimenti: 1 verde e 1 rosa


Slightly bigger than the SnapBox Original, the SnapBox oval offers extra space in a tough, waterproof, secure container built for sorting, carrying and organizing. The tight-fitting snap-lock keeps all contents safe and sound while the different color options provide easy identification for just about anything you can think of. From snack boxes, to camping food storage. A great addition to your kitchen or your lunch box. Made out of BPA-free Biobased plastics that are dishwasher and microwave safe.

• Stackable with measuring lines• Airtight and fits inside MealKit• Easy to clean – no sharp corners• Microwave safe• Dishwasher safe• BPA free• Made in Sweden• Made from Biobased plastics

170x69x52 mm

136 g



Swedish design has always been known for quality combined with functionality. Light My Fire is a 100% Swedish company that designs, manufactures and works entirely in its own country. Outdoor activities have always been a vital part of the Swedish people and this company always aims to develop new exciting products that allow you to make the most of the outdoors. Young, fresh and captivating design and colors and the use of 100% natural materials: this is the philosophy of this company. Using renewable organic matter, it engages in a sustainable regenerative cycle.

Based in Sweden