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ISAFORM, Mys match box

ISAFORM, Mys match box

€ 7,00Price

Match box with small matches +10 big matches GRATIS


Scatola di fiammiferi di misura piccola +

10 fiammiferi grandi in omaggio

Did you know that matches are a Swedish invention? The historic matchmaker Solstyckan is based in Jonköping, not far from here! Designer Isaform has created a pattern to make these traditional matchboxes even more perfect for Christmas time! MYS means Cozy: have a Cozy Christmas this year!

Why not combine them with a scented candle? A really nice gift idea, 100% Swedish style!


Isa Form

Small graphical company based in Piteå. 
Isabelle, pattern designer and illustrator loves graphic and playfull design. She finds inspiration in nature, family and the great swedish patterns from the 60´s.
Based in Sweden.

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