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LIGHT MY FIRE, On the go, Cutlery case

LIGHT MY FIRE, On the go, Cutlery case

€ 12,00Price

Cutlery case, Merino's Wool

Astuccio porta posate/coltello, in lana Merino


The perfect way to carry your personal, sustainably made, reusable cutlery combinations in style. Its design is light, sturdy and beautifully presentable with an appearance suited to your needs whether dining at a restaurant or eating in the great outdoors. The case can hold several Sporks, your Restraws or your own set of utensils in a clean, secure and smart way. Great for your lunch kit, picnic basket, briefcase, bag, backpack or inside pocket. Get noticed for the right reasons with this ruggedly stylish, sustainable and functional case. Made from recycled merino wool, produced in, of and by Sweden.



Swedish design has always been known for quality combined with functionality. Light My Fire is a 100% Swedish company that designs, manufactures and works entirely in its own country. Outdoor activities have always been a vital part of the Swedish people and this company always aims to develop new exciting products that allow you to make the most of the outdoors. Young, fresh and captivating design and colors and the use of 100% natural materials: this is the philosophy of this company. Using renewable organic matter, it engages in a sustainable regenerative cycle.

Based in Sweden

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