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AFROART, Wood butter knife

AFROART, Wood butter knife

€ 7,00Price

Wooden small butter knife

Spalmino di legno da burro o marmellata

Wooden buttern knife 

Grease your wooden cutlery with olive oil regularly and they will last longer.




Afroart was established  as a foundation in Stockholm 1967. The aim was to support, develop and spread awareness of Third World Crafts. Initially, Afroart, focused on the African continent, and later it expanded to include countries in Latin America and Asia.

Over the years, Afroart has imported and sold handicrafts and sent volunteers as advisors to developing countries via grants from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

In 2003, Afroart changed hands. Six textile designers took over the business and infused new vitality and energy into the organisation.

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