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Always happy, explosive and constantly on the move: this is me! I love changes, new paths to walk, different ways of thinking and living life.


My free spirit took me to Linköping, in Sweden, the city where I live since 2012. I moved here with all my wonderful family: my husband Marco and our little girls Margherita and Olivia.


From the lively capital of design, Milan, to the peaceful town in the Swedish province, surrounded by green woods dotted by red houses, the change was exceptional.

Until that moment I had seen Sweden ony through IKEA, where I worked as a stylist and visual for years. It was my first contact with the world of interior, my first home as I always say. There I learned and experimented a lot, and I started loving the Scandinavian style.

Since about three years, we live in a typical old Swedish house, with a garden full of apple trees, a tiled stove that I light up with candles, and a love story that has passed from family to family down to us. We feel like we are the custodians of this house, and we take care of it with discretion and love.


Many people ask me what my stile is, but it’s difficult to define it. I love mix&match, combining historical design with pieces of new and old furniture, more or less valuable, in an environment with a Nordic spirit where the main theme is simplicity. Homes have to reflect the soul of their inhabitants, showing their personality and passions.

- Natura nella casa e Casa nella natura-
noi (1).jpg

Enjoy the smallthings, Smile and Be Happy!

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